Many Filipinos, including overseas Filipinos (OFs), lost their jobs or their businesses because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


So, I finally accepted the offer to host the show Kabuhayang Pinoy on GSat satellite TV Channel 1, every Saturday and Sunday from 5 pm and 10 pm to encourage those who lost their jobs to go into business and help entrepreneurs devastated by the pandemic to restart or pursue another enterprise.

I also wanted to raise the awareness of new graduates. Even with their diplomas, they should learn about entrepreneurship if regular employment does not work for them. Besides, more than 70 percent of new graduates could not find jobs.

Most Filipinos prefer paid employment because they do not know the benefits of entrepreneurship. And, even if they do, they do not know how to get started and how to grow and sustain a business when faced with challenges and difficulties.

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Kabuhayang Pinoy aims to provide people the know-how and skills to start an enterprise – if their choice is suited to them, the things they would need, the requirements to put up a business, etc.

Given the growth of e-commerce, they should also decide whether to have physical stores or sell online.

Usec. Gani Macatoman and his co-host Lia Chua (left) in a Kabuhayang Pinoy interview with CFO's Project Management Division Head, Director Marie Apattad (right)
Usec. Gani Macatoman and his co-host Lia Chua (left) in a Kabuhayang Pinoy interview with CFO's Project Management Division Head, Director Marie Apattad (right)

I encourage would-be entrepreneurs to follow through with their plans if they are passionate about them. But they should learn from the best practices of successful businessmen. Kabuhayang Pinoy tries to get big enterprises to help modest ventures – big brothers helping younger brothers.

As many do not know how to sell their goods effectively, the Kabuhayan TV program also tries to help small entrepreneurs by featuring their stories and showcasing their products.

Part of our advocacy is to provide knowledge and assistance in marketing.

We have many very good products but their marketing is not effective.

The show also features best practices for running an enterprise and shares practical advice from successful entrepreneurs.

We are particularly focused on Filipinos overseas and their families. By starting a business or encouraging their families to go into entrepreneurship, they can augment the family income and maybe even become financially secure and comfortable upon retirement.

I often recommend franchising stable brands or creating passive income by investing in real estate that will continue to appreciate.

I hope more of our kababayan, particularly those abroad, will watch Kabuhayang Pinoy because we have more to share on how to succeed in business.

KabuhayangPinoy episodes are also available through its YouTube Channel: