Hann Lux, the next premier integrated resort development in the Philippines by the Hann Group, will be home to Accor Group’s (Accor) Sofitel Clark and Emblems Clark, CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS
Hann Lux, the next premier integrated resort development in the Philippines by the Hann Group, will be home to Accor Group’s (Accor) Sofitel Clark and Emblems Clark, CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

IT is more than gaming, but a complete value-laden experience. This is what all world-class integrated resort operators aim for as the Philippine gaming industry seeks to attain global recognition. As a patron enters the casino resort, for every second that you invest in the experience, a patron is rewarded and recognized with resort-wide perks and upgraded benefits. This unique feature of customer service treats you not just as a mere paying patron that comes in and leaves, but you became part of a community, and a family even.

The selling point for our integrated resort operators or what they call casino hotels is that every step taken by the patron leads to a holistic experience – that is the commitment. In fact, beyond being proud of their world-class facilities, our casino hotels offer the Filipino way of genuine service and readiness to anticipate the need to serve patrons. This is, indeed, why every Filipino, or Asian for that matter, will feel at home when staying in casino hotels because we all share this unique understanding of hospitality culture. It is not all about the game at the table but about a holistic entertainment experience. This is our selling point as we seek global recognition for our casino gaming industry.

Accor Group’s Sofitel is one of the luxury hotels in the Philippines.
Accor Group’s Sofitel is one of the luxury hotels in the Philippines.

Years ago, the aspiration for our casino gaming industry was to challenge the gaming haven that is Macau, otherwise known as the "Monte Carlo of the East". It was a bold dream at that time as Macau has already established a global reputation as a gaming paradise dating back as far as the 1850s. In fact, as the New York Times reported, as early as 2007, Macau has already overtaken the Las Vegas Strip in terms of gambling revenues. Collectively, the casino gaming industry, in partnership with government regulators, has been working to showcase Manila as a challenger to the throne of the casino gaming industry in Asia, an industry that is projected to close the year 2022 with at least S1.81B in revenues, as shown by the latest Statista figures.

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Investments have poured in from all players in the local industry to create world-class integrated resorts that offer not just online and offline gaming but accommodation, shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences that are no less than of global standards.

World-class gaming

It is all about the experience. While you seek to experience a world of thrill as you foray into casino gaming, whether as a newbie or a veteran, our casino hotels offer thousands of square feet of casino floor to thousands of electronic games, thousands of live table games, and even games connected to an Asia-wide progressive jackpot system. Your foray into these casino hotels that represent one gaming paradise is a great hunt that offers a promise – there is always something to win at the casino floor and this makes the experience worthwhile and rewarding in many ways.

Your heart will start pumping with adrenaline with a mere initial step into the casino floor. It is all about presentation, both visual and audio. You will see the surface of the gaming tables illuminated by LED lights, with high-definition large format graphics that instructs you on the start and end of the betting period, and the real-time image and behavior of the dice, as captured by a specialized camera inside the table surface, captured on screen for added security and gaming results integrity. You will no longer be just a patron, but a part of the entire experience at the casino gaming floor. You are not a spectator but a part of the hunting party. It is a fight or flight scene and this is the reason why you come – the excitement of the experience. You sit at the table not to watch but to take part of the whole casino gaming experience. There is no small or big player at the table – everyone is part of the experience. In fact, a seat is waiting for you right now.

Dining and entertainment

The myth, that dining in casino hotels is for the ultra-rich, is definitely not true. Let us get that out of the way immediately. If you make a survey of buffet prices in high end hotels in Metro Manila and compare it with prices at any of our casino hotels, you will find value for many plus an excellent dining experience.

These casino hotels do not distinguish between a choosy palate or someone who just could not decide on what to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even the lazy diner who is too tired to read the menu. These hotels have something for every diner, whether its premium or casual dining. Visit any of our casino hotels and you can taste all of the world's flavors with at least over a couple of dozens of dining options that can definitely provide unending gastronomic thrills even to the discriminating palate or someone who just wants some comfort food. Watch your diet? Well, again, lets focus on the experience and forget about measuring the waistline at least for now. But again, it is more than dining but perhaps a plateful of options and opportunities. You can go for their excellent grills, their exquisite sushi, or be regaled by the artful food masterpieces of their Michelin-star chefs. Opportunities for friends, new acquaintances, or even that precious 'me time' can be enjoyed with limitless drinks at the lounge, a plate and a glass by the pool bar, or even with their late-night bites option that may progress well to the breakfast buffet the morning after.

These casino hotels also have numerous recreational activities and multiple stages for live entertainment. Local and international talents have been gracing these stages regularly where concerts that showcase a mix of contemporary artists from here and abroad are held.

Your vacation

Take your pick for your next staycation from thousands of exquisite rooms, suites, and villas, and with some rooms blessed with the scenic Manila Bay view. Your options include standard, deluxe, grand deluxe, junior, premium, executive suites, the and villas. When you combine staying in any of these accommodations with family walks in indoor gardens, a show at their live events center, dining in at any of their world-class restaurants, a minute or two at the casino table for the dad, alone time at their spas for mom, hours of fun at their activity centers for the kids, then your entire family will have the vacation you all can never forget.

Unique and world-class

While the vision of our casino hotel operators was to make Manila as the new haven for gaming, they know that the casino gaming industry in our country is bursting with potentials right from its birth. The casino floor must be embedded within the concept of an integrated resort design and ecosystem.

Perhaps, this is a signal that the goal is no longer to rival Macau but for our casino gaming industry to create its own special space and its own unique identity in the global gaming and live entertainment industry.