Batangueños have been likened to one of its pride and joy, the small Taal Volcano.

Like the volcano, they are calm and placid most of the time but can also be fiery and volatile. They have a fierce determination and resolve to overcome any obstacle in their pursuit of success.

And, just like the volcano, which has made Batangas flourish for centuries by keeping its land fertile to provide for the province's basic needs.

Batangueños also have a reputation as "nurturing people". They value and care for their families, a term that encompasses more than just their kith and kith to include all fellow Batangueños and other Filipinos.

The Batangas Association UK (BAUK), established in 1993, is anchored on these age-old values that the province instilled in its sons and daughters. The non-profit organization aimed to unite Batangueños in the United Kingdom and provide them with a vehicle to give back to their home province and country in all ways possible.

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For 29 years, the BAUK has proven to be one of the most active and civic-oriented groups in the Filipino Community in the UK, untiringly dedicating itself to helping the less privileged in the Philippines through its charity work and outreach programs.

The BAUK has several long-term projects in six areas: Alay Pasko, Bahay Ampunan, Scholarship, Youth Empowerment, Cultural and Additional Projects, and Donations. It also undertakes short-term initiatives in response to emerging and unforeseen needs and crises.

Alay Pasko is an annual outreach program launched in 2002. Food hampers are distributed to indigents in six towns/cities of Batangas. Initially meant to be an annual event until all targeted areas were covered, the initiative has been such a huge success that BAUK decided to continue Alay Pasko.

Through the Bahay Ampunan Project, BAUK contributes regularly to the running costs of the Santa Ana–San Joaquin Bahay Ampunan Foundation home for the elderly in Tanauan City. BAUK undertook the construction of two additional bedrooms and paid for a perimeter fence to keep residents safe inside the home. It also spent for the repair of the roof of two rooms.

BAUK now makes a yearly donation for the operation of the home, which has around 20 elderly residents.

Wanting to transform the lives of young people through education, BAUK partnered with De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) to provide scholarships to poor but deserving students. BAUK supports beneficiaries through subsidies for tuition and school fees and daily transportation and meal allowances.

From the academic year (AY) 2009 up to 2020, BAUK was able to support 14 scholars - 10 college students and four in senior high school.

The association also provided, for AY 2014 up to 2016, a full scholarship for a pupil of St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic School. It paid in 2018 the tuition fees of eight students from different localities at Taysan High School Child Development Center.

BAUK realized that the youth were becoming increasingly important in the development of the Filipino community in the UK. Thus, it sponsored the1996–1998 Youth Empowerment Program to help young Filipinos in the UK know and appreciate their heritage to contribute to their full development.

Three youth summer camps were organized in 1998 where second-generation Filipinos participated in three-day weekend activities in the UK and Vienna, Austria.

BAUK has been actively promoting Filipino culture in the UK by sponsoring and supporting art exhibits of upcoming Filipino artists, providing the venue for the shows, and accommodation for Philippine delegations. The association is also involved in activities organized by the Philippine Embassy in London, especially the Philippine Independence Day Celebration and Philippine National Language Month observance.

It responded immediately to the emergency created by the Taal Volcano eruption in 2020 by conducting relief operations that helped 423 individuals in various evacuation centers in Batangas. It gave cash donations for the construction of improvised tents for evacuees in Talisay, Batangas.

The association donated ₱341,660 (£5,200) to seven municipalities: Balete, Laurel, Agoncillo, Talisay, San Nicolas, Mataas na Kahoy and Lemery.

When the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic broke out, BAUK showed its appreciation to health frontliners by distributing food packs and boxes of face masks to two hospitals and one home care facility. The association also provided packed lunches and poultry food to some families in Batangas.

BAUK responded to other emergencies, like typhoons Ondoy, Sendong, and Yolanda, in the Philippines by sending cash and relief goods and by doing volunteer work in affected areas. It has also worked with other non-government organizations.

Indeed, the Batangas Association UK has vigorously and selflessly helped change and improve since its inception many lives in both its adopted and home countries.

It is difficult to quantify how its readiness and willingness to come to the aid of province mates and fellow Filipinos when needed have benefited the objects of its generosity.

BAUK members' love for the Philippines, even if they had to leave it to seek a better life in the United Kingdom, and their fellow Filipinos truly remain a shining example of how good deeds can change lives and a reminder to all that charity can only come from the heart.

For all that it has accomplished and done for others, BAUK has been the recipient of several honors and awards from its home province and the country that they now call home.

In conferring the Presidential Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino Award to Batangas Association UK (BAUK), the President recognizes its socio-economic assistance and services for the marginalized sectors and underprivileged communities in Batangas and other areas in the Philippines.

Why Register Your Business?

It started with my first cable TV show called Ang Kabuhayang Kayang Kaya (AKKK) which I produced to guide would-be entrepreneurs through the road leading to the goal they seek, that of having their own business. It is meant to be an all-around guide on how a business can thrive, survive and grow even during challenging times of Covid-19. Buoyed with the positive reception I received from the viewers, I reformatted the KKK TV show to its present iteration which is the Kabuhayang Pinoy (KP) where viewers watch and learn about the many tools in starting a business. At that point, I began receiving inquiries on how to start a business. I remember one KKK episode where I discussed the importance of registering one's business.

Having your business registered will benefit you and your customers. This will assure them that they are dealing with a legitimate business and that their rights as consumers are protected. That if they need to reach the business owner, they would be able to find him/her. And if you want your business to grow, registration will give you the legal personality to apply for loans to expand your business. It is a form of guarantee for prospective creditors that they are dealing with a government-recognized entity

Business names for sole proprietorship ventures are registered with DTI. This means the enterprise is owned by one person. Businesses with one or more owners, or corporations, have to register their business names with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Understanding these first steps would bring you further into the next process of your startup business. It brings business owners a sort of achievement, that simply knowing you are ready to have your business up and running. Most importantly, you will be running a legal business where consumers are protected.