TNT's Jayson Castro should be this year's All Filipino conference finals MVP, irregardless of who wins the crown.

If it has reached this exciting stage, everyone in the Coliseum must admit that he has made this happen. It's understandable for Cebuano Jun Mar Fajardo to win the series MVP title almost all the time due to his massive built and height in the center lane. But everyone knows that TNT also reached the finals this year due to the thrilling heroics and buzzer beaters of Castro whose height belongs to the ordinary Filipino, including mine.

You take him out like in game 6 and TNT loses the game badly. But what's remarkable is his sudden resurgence at this stage of his dribbling life. Some thought that he's washed up by now and should have retired at the beginning of the year. But suddenly, he made us realize that age is not just a number, but the best is yet to come.

Call it second wind or whatever. Basketball is usually a giants game but he's showing us that there's still a place for small guys in the court to aid the bean stalks. Tenorio is co chairman of this small mens club too. This seems to be the last hurrah for Jayson and we're happy for him. He deserves the accolade and the MVP award, especially if they win the Cup.

EJ might self destruct?

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EJ Obiena is making waves all over Europe with the athletic events, especially in pole vault, which is held weekly in every European country, not only for developmental purposes, but admittedly for commercial purposes too under the auspices of the IAAF. (By the way it ain't the world class if USA and China et al don't join).

The one last week was memorable for EJ beating world record holder and Olympic gold champ Duplantis for the very first time. Now, he knows he can go for the Olympic gold in Paris 2024, two years from now.

This is the tipping point for him knowing now he's almost there. But here's the rub. Knowing how the POC thinks, he'll end up as the flag bearer in the next Olympic parade, which will make him realize the burden of inspiring the 110 million Filipinos, who will now expect him to win any of the three top medals, especially gold.

That ultimate honor can make or break any determined superstar, by putting all of the pressures of his kababayans on his shoulder. This expectation will uplift, motivate, or destroy him on the other side of the coin.

This weekly hype he brings upon himself, by reporting all his weekly triumphs will eventually fly him to the golden sky or go down to the sand trap. God forbid! Take note that not all world rated vaulters do not join the weekly European circuit, especially the silent Americans who are after the same golden Grail.

The Olympics is a different kind of animal. Pressure can kill you. It can bring out the best and the worst in any athlete. How do I know? I accompanied Hidilyn Diaz to four Olympics till we finally nailed it in Rio and Tokyo, as her NSA President.

Been there, done that. She was also the flag bearer in the London Olympics nine years ago.Self destruct is a bad omen for any aspirant. Better to expect the worst and hope for the best. Happier that way. Laban EJ. Relax lang. Don't rush. Kaya mo yan.